33 reasons

33 good reasons for Cooltek

1) Perfect for your system

Cooltek offers you high-quality products at very attractive prices, ideal for your nect PC system


2) Best Quality

Opt for products of the highest quality, made of high quality materials, because at Cooltek you get the maximum bang for your buck.


3) Long-term experience

Offer the products of an established brand; Cooltek products are commercially available since 2003.


4) High-quality product range

Look forward to products that combine exceptional functionality, appealing design and outstanding product quality.


5) Wide products range

With Cooltek, you get a comprehensive product portfolio ranging from versatile PC enclosures to inexpensive fans, to power supplies, and accessories for sound insulation.


6) Together we are strong

You also have access to the products of our partners Jonsbo and Thermolab.


7) Fantastic customer support

Contact us whenever something is amiss. We are here to help you!


8) Best availability

Benefit from the extremely good availability of our products.


9) Very attractive price-performance ratio

Cooltek products offer incredible value for your money.


10) German warehouse

You can rest assured that the Cooltek products will be continuously available and will be delivered to you at short notice, so you can always deliver.


11) Get the direct line to the manufacturer

Use the direct link to us. Give us a call, write us an e-mail or contact us through our website. Personal, direct, and close!


12) Trained support staff

At any time, you can rely on our trained support staff to answer questions and offer advice.


13) Broad portfolio

You will find a balanced and well thought-out portfolio, which you will love.


14) Versatile features, attractive prices

With us you will find a wide range of products of high quality at particularly attractive prices.


15) Excellent produkts

Check out the fantastic quality of the Cooltek products in countless reviews of renowned specialist magazines and well-known websites.


16) We support you with the RMA processing

You need spare parts? Please contact us, we will take care of this.


17) Continuous expansion of the portfolio

You can look forward to a steadily growing product range with innovative products.


18) Rely on us!

With us, you will always have a reliable manufacturer at hand! We will support you in any way possible.


19)European distribution channels

Use our European network of distributors and distributors to get our products delivered quickly and at short notice.


20) Reliable products

You will find our products to be very reliable. You will be delighted.


21) Fast delivery

You can always rely on our products to be delivered to you within a very short time, no matter which of our partners you are shopping at.


22) Individual adjustments possible

Do you have special requirements? Contact us, we will look for the ideal solution together with you!


23) Personal contact

You can rely on the many years of experience of our employees - with us you will get your own contact for your needs.


24) Quality you can count on

Not only do you get attractively priced products, the outstanding quality of our products will also convince you in every respect.


25) Everything from one source

Are you looking for a manufacturer that offers you not only enclosures but also CPU coolers, fans and power supplies? Then please check our wide range of products.


26) Professional advice

Together with you, we will be looking for innovative solutions for your individual inquiries.


27) Passion

With us, you can rest assured that our employees will work with all their power and convictions in the further development of our brand.


28) Fokus customer support

You are important to us! Our focus is on your satisfaction and your trust in us.


29) Long-term customer retention

You can count on us as a long-term business partner and rely on trusting cooperation.


30) Open for suggestions

You help us to become even better by submitting suggestions for improvement, suggestions and criticism. And take advantage of our many years of experience in implementing your concerns.


31) Get to know us

Please contact us if you want to have something clarified or if you wish our support – we will offer it to you in any way possible.


32) High motivation

With us, you will find highly motivated employees, who are specialized in presenting you outstanding products.


33) International erfolgreich

With our Cooltek products, we are not only be successful in Germany, but also across all over Europe! Contact us.