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Under the label „Cooltek - powered by Thermolab“ we present high-quality CPU-coolers for silent enthusiasts.

The LP53 is a full copper cooler which is ideal for compact HTPC systems. With an overall height of just 53 mm including fan (!) the cooler even fits in particular slim case. The LP53 was specifically designed and optimized for low running fans, which guarantees the cooler a superior cooling performance while being extremely silent, despite its small dimensions.

In the base of the cooler two high-end heat pipes (6 mm diameter) are embedded. The copper heatpipes dissipate the waste heat of the processor very quickly to the cooling fins. The innovative design of the radiator in conjunction with the optimized fin spacing allows for optimal removal of waste heat, while at the same time the adjacent motherboard components are cooled by the downward air flow.

The 92 mm PWM-fan rotate with a speed of 1,000 - 2,100 rpm. The fan generates a noise level of 16 - 27,1 db(A). Thanks to the particularly durable Long Life Rifle Bearing the fan is not only extremely quiet, but also offers an above-average life expectancy. The fan is mounted with special anti-vibration pins, which prevents vibrations being passed on to the heatsink. Thus, a virtually noiseless operation of the fan is guaranteed.

The combination of a very silent running fan and the outstanding cooling capacity of a full-copper heatsink ensure that the LP53 is a perfect HTPC cooler, aimed at working discreetly in a living room system.

The cooler comes with installation material for Intel LGA 115x processors and is approved to 100 watt TDP. The installation is particularly simple, the cooler is securely screwed to the motherboard, a backplate is not necessary.



Length 100 mm
Width 94 mm
Height 53 mm
Weight 410 g
Material Copper
Rotation speed 1,000 - 2,100 rpm
Accoustical noise 16.0 - 27.1 dBa
Fan connector 4 Pin - PWM
Heatpipes 2 x 6 mm
Max. TDP 100 Watt
Compatibility Intel LGA 1156/1155/1150/1151