Anti-Vibrations HDD-Silencer


The anti-vibration HDD silencers can be used to cool and decouple 3.5 inch hard drives at the same time.

The hard drive is thereby completely cushioned and decoupled from the PC case. Often the vibrations of fast spinning hard drives are one of the main sources of noise in modern computers. The vibration-free mounting of hard drives effectively prevents the transfer of vibration to the PC case and contributes effectively to reducing the noise level of a computer system.

The anti-vibration HDD silencers are simply secured to the hard drive with screws and then installed in a 5.25 inch bay. The installation height of the hard disk drive remains unchanged. You may thus still mount multiple drives on top of each other.

The screws are included, so installation is quick and easy.



Code 4250140341075
Manufacturer number CT-HDDS