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The GT-04 is part of our new ‘Gaming Tower’ series and offers an outstanding price-performance ratio. The case offers a variety of practical features that are certainly unique in its price range. For example, the GT-04 comes with an external docking station for 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch drives, a card reader, as well as a fan control.

The GT-04 offers an elegantly shaped front in a futuristic design. The case is matt black, only the orange highlights in the front and top caught the eyes of the user. At the top of the front, power- and reset button are located, as well as the status LED and the external card reader for Micro-SD and SD cards. Two 5.25 inch bays for the installation of optical drives, as well as a 3.5 inch bay for associated accessories.

The external docking station is located at the front of the top cover. Both 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch drives can easily be connected to the system. The I/O panel is located on the right sight of the top cover, offering 2 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 2.0 and HD audio ports.

The interior of the GT-04 is completely held in black, at the rear a total of seven PCI expansion slots are available. Internally, two removable HDD drives are located. The upper cage can be used for the installation of two 2.5 inch HDD/SSD; the lower one accommodates three 3.5 inch drives. The drives can be mounted without the need for the use of tools. The optical drives are fixed with quick locks, the 2.5 inch HDD/SSD are mounted in plastic sleds, while the 3.5 inch hard drives can be fixed with rubber-insulated thumbscrews.

A particularly attractive window-side panel with MESH- and acrylic elements is located on the left side of the case (as seen from the front). This allows insight into the case interior and offers a special optical highlight - especially for modding enthusiasts or fans of water cooling systems. In order to allow for a better cooling of the VGA cards, a variety of strategically positioned air holes are lining the window.

The ventilation system of the GT-04 is well thought-through and very effective: A 140 mm fan is mounted behind the front in order to draw in fresh air from the outside. The MESH element in the lower part of the front supports the effective supply of fresh air. An easy-to-clean filter prevents the intake of dust particles into the interior of the case. A 120 mm fan is mounted at the rear of the case, which allows for an effective removal of the heated air.

In addition, two 120 or 140 mm fans can be mounted under the top cover. The GT-04 offers a stepless fan control for up to two fans. In the state of delivery, the two pre-installed fans are already connected to the control and can easily be regulated in their speed. A generously formed MESH-inlay in the top allows optimal heat exchange.

For the easy routing of cables the motherboard tray offers a variety of strategically positioned cutouts. The domed side panels of the GT-03 guarantee enough space is available at the rear side of the tray.

The power supply is mounted at the bottom of the GT-04. Thus, it draws in cool air, reducing the noise level and the life expectancy is increased. To prevent the intake of dust particles into the PSU, an easy-to-clean dust filter is mounted under the bottom.

In order to allow an easy installation of external water cooling components, the GT-04 offers two rubberized hose guides in the rear panel.



Case type Midi-Tower
Form factor ATX, M-ATX, Mini-ITX
5.25 inch drive bay external 2 x
3.5 inch drive bay external 1 x
3.5 inch drive bay internal 3 x
2.5 inch drive bay internal 3 x
Case fan (front) 1 x 140 mm
Case fan (rear) 1 x 120 mm
Case fan (top) 2 x 120/140 mm (optional)
Height 520 mm
Width 215 mm
Depth 515 mm
Weight 6.2 kg
Material Steel, plastics
Maximum VGA card length 420 mm
Maximum CPU cooler heigth 160 mm
Code 4250140363107
Maunfacturer number CT GT-04-B

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