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With our Skall we present a well-equipped mid-tower case, which offers an outstanding price-performance-ratio. A variety of features distinguishes this case. The Skall offers a multi-step 2-channel fan control, three pre-installed fans, two fully modular HDD-cages as well as two each USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.

The front design of the Skall has been deliberately kept simple. Three external 5.25 inch bays for the installation of optical drives are available. A central MESH element at the bottom of the front offers a particular good view on the pre-installed LED fans. Thus they are a real eye catcher. A special feature of the Skall are the front dust filters – they can be pulled out to the side ad cleaned at any time without the need to remove the front panel.

Some of the main features of the Skall can be found in the top cover. Besides the I/O panel with 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 3.0 and the HD audio connectors two multi-stage fan controls (high, low, off) is located here. Per channel three fans can be operated and controlled. In order to prevent dust or other dirt to clog the connectors, rubber caps are included to close them when they are not used. Another feature is the removable MESH-cover at the rear of the top. It makes the installation of fans or the cleaning of the integrated dust filter a breeze.

The interior of the Skall offers space for high-end gaming systems. Two fully modular HDD-cages are available for the installation of drives. Each cage can be equipped with up to four 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch drives. The installation of the 3.5 inch HDD can be handled without tools, if desired. The HDD-sleds can also be equipped with 80 or 92 mm fans, to further improve the ventilation of the HDDs.

The optical drives are secured with practical quick fasteners. The motherboard tray offers a variety of generous cutouts and fixtures for cable ties for easy cable management. At the rear of the case, a total of 8 PCI expansion slots are available. When both HDD-cages are installed, VGA cards of up to 300 mm in length can be mounted. If one or both HDD-cages are removed, the available space is 430 mm.

The ventilation system of the Skall meets the highest demands. Besides the two 120 mm LED fans in the front, another 120 mm fan is pre-mounted at the rear. Under the top cover, either three 120 mm or two 140 mm fans can be installed. The side panel offers room for either four 120 mm or a single 200 mm fan. The cooling performance of existing VGA cards and CPU coolers can be clearly measurable improved and optimized by installing fans in the side panel. Finally, another 120 mm fan can be mounted at the bottom of the case. The 2-channel fan control allows it to change the fan speed or completely turn off up to six fans. By removing not-used HDD cages, the air flow and cooling of the VGA card can further be improved.  

We also considered the needs of fans of water cooling systems. The fully modular HDD cages allow the easy installation of 120 or 240 mm radiators behind the front. The special design of the top cover makes it possible to install a 280 or even 360 mm radiator without risking compatibility issues with the motherboard. Especially fans of compact AIO water cooling solutions will like the spacious design of the Skall.

The power supply is mounted on decoupled rails at the bottom of the case. Both the PSU and the optional fan at the bottom are equipped with easy to clean dust filters. The Skall rests on large case feet.


Available downloads:

Download Manual Skall


Case Type Midi-Tower
Form Factor ATX, Micro ATX, Mini-ITX
5.25 inch drive bay external 3 x
2.5 inch/3.5 inch drive bay internal 8 x
Case fan (front) 2 x 120 mm
Case fan (rear) 1 x 120 mm
Case fan (top) 3 x 120 mm or 2 x 140 mm (optional)
Case fan (bottom) 1 x 120 mm (optional)
Case fan (side panel) 4 x 120 mm (optional)
Height ca. 530 mm
Width ca. 207 mm
Depth ca. 503 mm
Weight ca. 10,5 kg
Material Steek, plastic
Maximum VGA Card Length 430 mm
Maximum height of CPU coolers 165 mm
Code 4250140345929
Manufacturer code CT SK B

Color selection