K3 Evolution - USB 3.0



With the K3 “Evolution 3.0” Midi Tower we offer a variant of our best-selling case with two front USB 3.0 connectors.

The timeless and elegant mesh design and the absence of any cheap showmanship is the basis for our classic case. The tower can be equipped with up to five case fans, is prepared for the use of water cooling systems and is compatible with most modern graphics cards.

The case is equipped with a "CPU mounting hole" in order to install CPU coolers without the need to remove the motherboard. These and various other characteristics - in this class hardly encountered - distinguish our CT K3 Evolution 3.0 Midi Tower and ensure a particularly attractive price-performance ratio.

The high-quality case features a sturdy and very well made steel frame (0.6mm) which is completely painted in black. Carefully folded and deburred edges protect from cuts during the installation of your hardware. The practical quick locks for two 5.25 and two 3.5-inch drives respectively allow a nearly tool-free installation on most systems.

The case features a blue illuminated 120 mm fan (max 1200 U / min) in the front, which, together with the also illuminated power button, allow for refined and pleasant look. The low-noise fan can be continuously adjusted via the external controller (made of aluminum) and can also be turned off completely. When the fan is switched off, the LED-lightning of the fan is also deactivated.

Air intakes in the MESH-front provide an unobstructed air flow rate of the fresh air sucked in at the front. The system obtains enough cooling fresh air - in addition the hard disks mounted behind the front fan can be cooled effectively.

In addition to the preinstalled, adjustable 120 mm front fan, a 120 mm fan is located at the back of the case. A rectangular ventilation grille on the back side next to the PCI slot supports the ventilation of heat-generating expansion cards. It allows another improvement of the exhaust of the heated air from the inside. For the best possible performance of the CPU-cooler, the left side panel is equipped with an air hole where you can mount either a 92 mm or 120 mm fan. A second, identical air hole can be used to install another fan, to improve the ventilation of the graphics card.

To meet the demands of the water cooling enthusiasts, the "Evolution" Tower provides two rubberized hose guides on the back side so that watercooling hoses can be guided to the outside. Corresponding components, such as external water cooling solutions can be operated without further modifications outside of the tower.

The power supply is mounted at the bottom of the case and rests on anti-vibration rubber stands. A PSU gadget between the case and the PSU ensures that the power supply is effectively decoupled. By mounting the PSU at the bottom, it can suck in fresh and cool air from the outside to cool the PSU-components. This way, the temperature within the power supply is lower, which in return ensures a better life expectancy of the unit. A dust filter prevents the intrusion of dust into the power supply.

On one of the pictures, you can see our case with a Cooltek 550 watts power supply and a Cooltek Black Crystal fan (both not included). The PSU has a depth of 156 mm, which leaves a total of 13 mm between the fan and the power supply. If you should opt to install a deeper power supply unit, you can also install an 80 or 92 mm fan at the bottom. By installing an additional fan at the bottom, you can further improve the air flow and by that lower the temperature within your case.

A probably unique feature for a case in this class is the ability to accommodate extra-long high-end VGA cards of the latest generation. With up to 285 mm in length, the case provides plenty of space – with the possibility that the card extends into one of the external 5.25 inch bays.

Three externally accessible 5.25 "drive bays are available (2 x quick release). Behind the panel for external peripheral devices you can also find an internal 5.25 inch mounting space. The top drive bay is equipped with a mesh flip-down cover that also allows you to use different color drives while maintaining a uniform color appearance. All conventional optical drives with a tray can be used.

An external 3.5 "drive bay allows the installation of a floppy drive, a fan controller or a 3.5 inch card reader. Up to five hard disk drives can be installed (2 x quick release).

User-friendly and easily accessible connections for USB components and connectors for the audio (HD audio) are placed at the top of the front:

- 2 x USB 3.0
- 2 x USB 2.0
- 2 x HD-Audio (speaker, mic)

The Cooltek K3 is designed for all standard ATX power supplies. It can be used to incorporate both ATX and Micro ATX motherboards.

The two external USB 3.0 ports (Type A female) can be connected via an internal 19-pin USB 3.0 port directly to the motherboard.



Case Type Midi-Tower
Form Factor ATX
5.25 inch drive bay external 3 x
5.25 inch drive bay internal 1 x
3.5 inch drive bay external 1 x
3,5" inch drive bay internal 5 x
Installation option for fans 5 x
Fans included 5 x
Height 438 mm
Width 180 mm
Depth 430 mm
Weight 4.92 kg
Material Steel
Maximum VGA Card Length 285 mm
Code 4250140458520
Manufacturer number CT KIII EVO 3.0