The main feature of our K8 Midi Tower is the elegant front panel with smooth lines and elegant MESH elements.

Externally, four 5.25 inch bays for the installation of optical drives can be found. The upper bay is equipped with flip-down cover. This maintains a uniform color appearance even when using a different colored optical drives. A 3.5 inch bay in the middle of the front allows the installation of card readers or other devices. A blue-lit 120 mm LED fan is located in the lower part of the front, offering a continuous intake of fresh air.

The K8 offers a total of nine internal 5.25 inch bays, which are equipped with quick-lock fasteners. Five adapter frames for 3.5 inch drives are included – if you wish to use the external 3.5 bay, you can install up to four 2.5 or 3.5 HDD/SSD in our case. One of the positive effects of this configuration is the possibility to install VGA-cards of up to 405 mm in the K8.

The ventilation system meets all demands. A total of four case fans can be installed in the K8. Behind the front cover, a 120 mm Blue LED fan is already installed; a second 120 mm fan is located at the back of the case. Up to two 120 mm ventilators can then be installed under the top cover for the improved dissipation of waste heat. One of the main features of the K8 is the easy installation and removal of the fans. Both the front fan and the 120 mm models under the top cover are installed in convenient tool- and screwless brackets. The spring mounts ensure a secure and stable fit.

Our K8 is equipped with a 2-channel fan controller for up to three fans. With our innovative "advanced modular ventilation concept", the system offers the possibility to configure the ventilation of your PC system according to your wishes and to choose between different fan combinations.

CPU-coolers with a maximum installation height of up to 155 mm can be installed in the K8. Please note that this might vary depending on the motherboard used. At the rear, seven PCI-slots as well as two rubber hose outlets for external water cooling enthusiasts are located.

The K8 is designed for standard ATX power supplies. You can install both ATX as well as Micro-ATX motherboards.



Case Type Midi-Tower
Form Factor ATX, M-ATX
5.25 inch drive bay external 4 x
5.25 inch drive bay internal max 9 x
3.5 inch drive bay external 3 x
3.5 inch drive bay internal 4 x
2,5" inch drive bay internal 4 x optional
Installation option for fans 4 x
Fans included 2 x
Height 465 mm
Width 205 mm
Depth 460 mm
Weight 5.2 kg
Material Steel, Plastic
Maximum VGA Card Length 405 mm
Maximum height of CPU coolers 160 mm
Code 4250140359100
Manufacturer number CT-KVIII