CoolForce 1



With the "CoolForce 1" for Intel & AMD systems we offer a high-performance CPU cooler especially for HTPC systems.

The "CoolForce 1" is based on years of development and experience. The outstanding performance of the cooler is based on the "Heatpipe Direct Touch" technology and a sophisticated heat-sink design in conjunction with two silence-optimized 120 mm fans. The fans work in a push-pull configuration.

In the base of the cooler five high-end heat pipes (8 mm diameter) are embedded. The copper heat pipes are located directly on the CPU surface (" Direct Touch ") and transport the heat from the processor very efficiently to the aluminum cooling fins.

Due to the large surface area the innovative tower designs allows for a rapid dissipation of the absorbed heat.

The special shape of the laterally closed cooling fins enables effective guidance of the air stream (tunnel effect).The design with one fan sucking air in and the other blowing it out (push-pull), which support each other, causes a targeted flow through the heatsink even at low fan speed and correspondingly less noise.

The two silent-optimized 120 mm PWM-fans are adjusted automatically according to the thermal conditions (500 to a maximum of 1,500 rpm). Even if one of the fans should stop working, unlikely as it is, this means that the general function of the cooler is always ensured (fail-safe).

In the interests of minimal noise emissions as well as a very long life expectancy, a special Hydromatic bearing in conjunction with optimized rotor blades are being used. In addition, the fans are rubber-suspended in order to reduce noise and vibrations. The fans are pre-installed, the cooler can be installed “out of the box”.

The cooler features a universal mounting kit for current Intel- (LGA 775, 1366 & 1155/1156) and AMD-CPUs (K8, 754, 939 & 940, FM1, FM2, AM2, AM2+, AM3 und AM3+).

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Height 151 mm
Width 131 mm
Depth 125 mm
Weight 938 g
Material Copper - Aluminim
Rotation Speed 500 - 1.500 rpm
Rated Power 0.36 - 1.56 W
Airflow 27.1 - 93.3 m³/h
Acoustical Noise 8.4 - 26.2 dBa
Durability 80.000 h
Connector 4 Pin - PWM
Heatpipe 5 x 8 mm
Code 4250140317957
Manufacturer number CT Coolforce 1