VC-01 Red


With the VC-01 Jonsbo presents a practical graphics card holder made of aluminum for PC housings.

Modern graphics cards are getting longer and heavier, with the result that the end tends to sag. To prevent the graphics cards from being damaged over time, Jonsbo offers the VC-01 Video Card Stand.

The VC-01 are made of high-qrade aluminum. Two rubberized holding arms for supporting up to two graphics cards are included. The kit is modular and consists of two segments, two holding arms and the base. This makes the kit easy to use even in compact cases.

The VC-01 can be used without tools, the individual struts are simply screwed together, and holders are provided with thumb screws. A magnet in the floor ensures a safe stand in the case.



Height 270 (135) mm
Base diameter 40 mm
Material Aluminium
Manufacturer number VC-01 R
Code 4250140362209
Order number 600600220