The MP-3 comes from our tempered glass mousepad series and is equipped with spectacular RGB LED lighting.

The MP-3 is truly gigantic with 700 x 260 x 6 mm and is aimed at users who not only want to place their mouse, but also their keyboard on the mouse pad.

In order to deliver an extremely smooth product, the core of the MP-3 consists of 4 mm tempered glass. The underside is made of 1.5 mm thick silicone to ensure a very secure fit on the desk. The top of 0.5 mm hardened polycarbon ensures that the mouse can slide smoothly over the pad.

The surface of the MP-3 is equally suitable for optical and laser mice. With a total of 6 mm, the MP-3 is so massive that it does not move from the stain even with stronger movements.

The highlight of the MP-3 is without doubt the RGB LED lighting. The power is supplied via a USB port connector. A simple controller can be found at the top of the mouse, which allows the user to choose between a color change program (256 colors within 50 seconds per run), nine different monochromatic colors (red, green, blue, white, yellow, purple, orange) or a change between these nine colors (7 seconds per color).

If you do not want illumination, you can simply disable it.



Dimensions 700 x 350 mm
Thickness 6 mm
Composition 3-layers
Material 0,5 mm Polycarbon (surface layer), 40 mm tempered glass (middle layer), 1.5 mm silicone (bottom layer)
Manufacturer number MP-3
Code 4250140362759
Order number 600600275