The TW-240 is part of the new AiO water cooling series by Jonsbo. Pump and fans are equipped with RGB lighting and can be controlled together. Users can choose from seven different colors. If the users motherboard has a 4-pin RGB connector (for example, ASUS AURA and MSI Mystic Light), it is even possible to control RGB lighting via the board software.

Like any AiO water cooling system, the TW-240 consists of two different parts - the radiator and the heat sink with pump - which are connected via the hoses. The circuit of the TW-240 is closed, liquid replacement or maintenance of the system is not necessary.

The pump housing of the TW-240 is made of transparent acrylic glass, which allows the user to observe the flow of the cooling liquid. As can be expected, the closed circuit of the TW-240 is already filled with coolant. An uncomplicated installation is guaranteed.

The base plate of the cooler is made of pure copper, the lamellar structure is just 0.15 mm wide. This guarantees optimal removal of waste heat and increases the cooling capacity of the system.

The radiator of the TW-240 is made of aluminum and relies on the so-called high-density fin distance. The distance between the cooling fins is therefore as small as possible, which guarantees optimal heat exchange.

The pump runs efficiently at up to 2,500 rpm and reaches a maximum noise level of 30.5 dB (A) at full power. The pump is equipped with a PWM connector and can easily be connected to the motherboard, using the software to control its speed. With a hose length of approx. 300 mm, there is more than enough room for installation.

The two 120 mm RGB fans are PWM controlled and connected through the motherboard so users can adjust the fan speed for the optimal balance between cooling and noise levels. The fans reach an airflow of 35.3 - 65.6 m³/h at 900 - 1,500 rpm. They generate a noise level of 18 - 26.1 dB(A).

The TW-240 comes with matching mounting hardware for all major Intel (LGA775/115X/1366/2011/2011-3/2066) and AMD AM2(+)/AM3(+)/AM4/FM1/FM2 (+) models.



Radiator dimensions  275 x 120 x 27 mm (L x W x H)
Fan dimensions  120 x 120 x 25 mm (L x W x H)
Speed (fan)  900 - 1,500 rpm
Airflow (fan)  35.3 - 65.6 m³/h
Noise (fan)  18 - 21.6 dB(A)
Connector (fan)  4-Pin PWM
Life expectancy (fan)  30,000 hours
Dimensions pump housing  84 x 75 x 60 mm (L x W x H)
Speed (pump)  max. 2,500 rpm
Noise (pump)  max. 30.5 dB(A)
Lebenserwartung (Pumpe)  50,000 hours
Connector (pump)  4-Pin PWM
Manufacturer number  JB-WT240
Code  4250140393104
Order number  100900310