Under the label "Jonsbo - powered by Cooltek" we present high quality cases for demanding users.

The G3 is a fully featured HTPC enclosure with a depth of just about 351 mm. It is approximately the size of a typical receiver and fits perfectly into any hi-fi environment. The front with the mirrored acrylic surface and a big volume knob gives the case a particularly refined appearance. 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0 and the audio ports can be found at the bottom of the front, the power button is discreetly built into the front. A special optical highlight is the illuminated display of the G3, which says "Home Theatre PC by Jonsbo" (not programmable).

With focus on the use in the home entertainment area, the case offers a single drive bay for 5.25 inch optical drives. By using a flip-down bezel each CD-ROM-/DVD-/BluRay-drive can be discreetly integrated into the uniform design - thus the overall visual impression is maintained even when using different-colored drives.

The case is made of 0.8mm SECC steel. By using the best materials, the G3 offers a particularly high level of stability. A strut that connects the front to the back of the case improves this enormous resilience of the case. Thus, it is easily possible to place more Hifi elements on the G3, without risking dents in the top cover.

The interior space of the HTPC case is completely black. Despite its compact dimensions, ATX motherboards and ATX power supplies can be installed in the G3. It is therefore perfectly fitted to be used as a base for living room system with full-size graphic cards and high-performance components. Seven PCI expansion slots are located at the rear of the case.

You can install up to three hard disk drives in the G3 – either 3 x 3,5 inch or 2 x 3,5 and 1 x 2,5 inch HDD/SSDs. One of the hard drives will be installed below the optical drive, the other two in a separate hard drive cage, which is also located behind the front. For optimum cooling of the installed hardware, you can install up to three 120 mm fans on the sides of the case. One 120 mm fan is already included.

At the back of the case - above the I / O shield of the motherboard - two 80 mm fans can be mounted. The mounting spaces on the side for the 120 mm fans are equipped with dust filters. The area of the power supply intake fan is covered by a filter and thus prevents dust particles from being sucked into the power supply.

Two USB 3.0 “Super Speed” and two USB 2.0 connectors are available externally. Thus, external hard disk or USB drives can be connected quickly and easily.

Depicted hardware is not included.


Available downloads:

Download Manual G3


Case type HTPC / Desktop
Form factor ATX, M-ATX, Mini-ITX
5.25 inch drive bay external 1 x
3.5 inch drive bay internal 3 x
2.5 inch drive bay internal 1 x optional
Case fans (side) 3 x 120 mm (2 x optional)
Case fans (rear) 2 x 80 mm (optional)
Height x Width x Depth 151 x 440 x 351 mm
Weight 5.25 kg
Material 0.8 mm SECC steel
Maximum height CPU-coolers 135 mm
Maximum length VGA cards 315 mm
Code 4250140364951
Manufacturer number JB G3 S