MOD1-Mini Black/Red


The Jonsbo MOD1-Mini presents a more compact version of the MOD1. The ITX case is based on an innovative open design, which was developed with the help of various system integrators. The unique design provides the user a powerful platform for water cooling.

The rugged exterior is highlighted with visually appealing green color elements, while it also emphasizing the high quality materials which have been processed in MOD1-Mini. The extravagant and remarkable design automatically draw attention to itself. A clearly visible highlight is the design of the extending aluminium panels and the tempered glass, which not only allow a look at the inner workings, but also ensure a constant supply of fresh air into the interior of the case. One advantage of this type: If additional fans will be installed, they can achieve a better optimum cooling for the whole system.

The chassis of the MOD1-Mini is made of high quality 3.0 mm thick anodized aluminum. The side and top panels instead are made of 5 mm tempered glass, which give the case an impressive stability.

But not only is the exterior kept especially noticeable, the interior is certainly no less exciting. The power supply is installed in the specially designed frame behind the front panel - an extensive cable management system permits a clean installation of the cable. The power connector is located at its usual place at the rear of the case; a corresponding loop cable of the current is pre-installed.

Below the power supply there are also mountings for the hard drives. Two individually removable HDD slide can be used to install hard drives. On the top there can be installed the 3.5” drives. A special highlight of the MOD1-Mini is the ability to use simultaneously 2.5” SSDs, which are screwed on the bottom. Another mounting place can be found under the bottom of the case, which takes a SSD.

The ventilation system of the MOD1-Mini can be optimized through additionally fans. To achieve a better cooling effect, the top can take 2 x 120 mm fans. At the back of the case are mounting options for 1 x 120 mm fan. On the bottom of the case can be installed 2 x 120 mm fan. Behind the front panel are also mounting positions for 2 x 120 mm fans.

The MOD1-Mini also supports a 240 mm water cooling systems, please notice that the maximal thickness can be 50 mm. Please check first that there will be no complications with the mainboard, before you build in such a radiator.

Two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 connectors are available externally. Thus, external hard disk or USB drives can be connected quickly and easily.

In addition, the MOD1-Mini is equipped with an innovatively lighted Jonsbo badge.

Depicted hardware is not included.



Case Type Mini-ITX
3.5 inch drive bay internal 2 x
2,5" inch drive bay internal 3 x
Case fan (front) opt. 2 x 120 mm
Case fan (back) opt. 1 x 120 mm
Case fan (top) opt. 2 x 120 mm
Case fan (bottom) opt. 2 x 120 mm
Height x Width x Depth 368 x 250 x 553 mm
Weight 9,1 kg
Material Aluminium, tempered glass
Maximum height of CPU coolers 175 mm
Maximum VGA Card Length 315 mm
Code 4250140355409
Manufacturer number JB MOD1-M R