The UMX5 is the current flagship of Jonsbo's popular UMX series. The spacious Midi Tower relies on the proven combination of a steel chassis for maximum stability and an extravagantly designed exterior in aluminum. The noble exterior made of high-quality aluminum automatically attracts attention. The raised fins made of 5.5 mm thick aluminum are polished while the indentations were dulled using a sandblasting process. The individual ribs stand out clearly - this not only looks extremely elegant, it also adds to the design and gives the UMX5 superior stability.

The I/O panel is recessed in the front and houses two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0, as well as audio connections, the power button and the RGB color change button for controlling the integrated LED elements. Both sides are made of tempered glass and embedded in a frame of painted steel. For optimal air exchange this frame comes with MESH elements all around.

A design highlight of the case is undoubtedly the boldly designed "case foot". Between the underside of the chassis and the "foot" there is a 3.5 cm high recess. An advantage of this design: The internally mounted fans can freely suck in fresh air for optimal cooling of the system. The UMX5 has two RGB LED strips underneath the case bottom, which optimally illuminate this "ventilation chamber". Another design element can be found inside the case in the form of a glass cover in front of the power supply and the HDD bays. This is traversed with honeycomb pattern, which is also lit with RGB LED; centrally located is the illuminated Jonsbo logo. A real ray of light, which gives the case a very special flair.

The LEDs can be controlled via the color change switch integrated in the I/O panel. The following modes are available: Color change with 264 different colors. Monochromatic lighting in red, blue, green, white, yellow, purple, pink, turquoise and orange; Breathing (only red); finally, the LED lighting can also be completely switched off.

Like the exterior, the interior of the case is designed in an especially innovative way. The power supply is installed in a specially designed frame behind the front of the housing to save space - extensive cable management allows a clean laying of the cables. The power connection can be found at the rear of the case, a corresponding cable for looping through the power is pre-installed.

Below the power supply there are four mounting slides for hard disks. These are made of red anodized aluminum on the UMX5 and accept both 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch drives. The slides are fixed with thumbscrews and can be removed individually. Two additional 2.5 inch drives can be mounted at the rear of the motherboard tray.

The UMX5 is ideally suited to accommodate a high-end system with powerful hardware. To supply this system with sufficient fresh air, up to five case fans can be installed. A 120 mm fan is already preinstalled on the back of the case, two 120 mm fans can also be installed on the floor and under the lid.

The fans are attached to mounting frames, which can be removed from the case for installation. A special feature is the fan mounting on the bottom. Here it is possible to attach the fans to the underside of the frame and thus between the floor and the mounting frame - a practical alternative especially when installing a radiator. The distance between the bottom and the underside of the frame is approx. 35 mm.

Thanks to the MESH elements in the frame, the fans can suck in air from the outside all the time. In the floor, there is a generous recesses below the fan mounts, which is equipped with a magnetic dust filter from the outside. This ensures a continuous exchange of air without the user having to worry about dust in the system.

If you want to equip your system with water cooling, you can also install a 240 mm radiator under the case top. The distance to the mainboard is about 65 mm, which allows the installation of thicker radiators. When installing a radiator at the bottom, it is advisable to mind the distance to the mainboard, otherwise it may otherwise be possible to collide with an extension card in the lowest slot.

At the rear, a total of eight PCI expansion slots are available. Depicted hardware is not included.



Case Type Midi Tower
Form Factor ATX, MATX, ITX
3.5 inch drive bay internal max. 4 x
2.5 inch drive bay internal max. 6 x
Cae Fan (Rear) 1 x 120 mm
Case Fan (Top) opt. 2 x 120 mm
Case Fan (Bottom) opt. 2 x 120 mm
Height x Width x Depth 507 x 224 x 485 mm
Weight 15.5 kg
Material Aluminium and Steel
Maximum VGA Card Length 325 mm
Max. CPU-Cooler Height 166 mm
Code 4250140370907
Manufacturer Number JB-UMX5 K

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