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Under the label "Jonsbo - powered by Cooltek" we present high quality cases for demanding users.

The „W2“ is aimed at customers who want to create a sophisticated and potent system, based on an ATX or even XL-ATX motherboard, that can be easily equipped with a water cooling solution. One of the main features of the W2 is its timeless design line with an attractive, classic exterior in aluminum.

The front of the W2 has been deliberately kept simple and convinces with its edged, straightforward design. Power and reset button, as well as the I/O panel can be found on the right side of the case, in order to preserve the unobtrusive design. The chassis of the W2 is made of 1 mm thick steel and offers the case maximum stability. Front, sides and top cover are made of brushed, 2.0 mm thick aluminum.

If an optical drive is to be installed, there is a mounting space located at the rear. This ensures that the available space is used optimally. Internally, you can mount a total of three 2.5 inch SSD, as well as either three 3.5 inch HDD or one 5.25 inch optical drive and two 3.5 inch hard drives. 8 PCI expansion slots are available for the installation of expansion cards.

The real strength of the W2 is reveled, when the side panels are removed: The W2 offers a particularly intelligent internal structure, which has been consequently divided in two vertically separate thermal zones: The first zone houses the motherboard as well as an efficient ventilation system. The second zone, behind the motherboard tray offers space for the power supply, hard disks, and if required an optical drive located at the rear.

The motherboard is installed in the first thermal zone of the W2, located on the left side (as seen from the front). Here, XL-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX boards can be mounted. CPU cooler with a maximum height of 163 mm and VGA cards with a length of up to 320 mm find room inside this zone. If the lower 140 mm fan is removed, user can fit in cards of up to 345 mm length.

The second zone, accessible from the right side (as seen from the front), is ideally suited for the installation hard disks and the power supply. Thus, the power supply is installed at the bottom rear of the case. Air inlets in the right side allow fresh air to be sucked in from the outside and to be pushed out through the rear. Included is a dust filter, which can be used to prohibit dust to enter the power supply. Rubberized cable guides in the motherboard tray allow you to guide the cables through to first chamber of the case.

The installation of optical and hard drives is also done in the right thermal zone of the case. In addition to a dedicated SSD-cage for three 2.5 inch drives the W2 offers another drive-holder for either two 3.5 inch HDD or a 3.5 inch drive and a 5.25 inch optical device. Another 3.5 mass storage device can be installed in the other thermal zone at the bottom of the case, if no fan is mounted there. The drives use decoupled mounting screws to reduce vibrations and offer a silent system.

The ventilation system of the W2 is designed for maximum performance. In the first chamber of the case two 140 mm fans are pre-installed. At the rear, one 120 mm fan is located. Two additional 120 mm fans can be mounted at the bottom of the chamber. In the second chamber, one 80 mm fan can be mounted behind the front cover, in order to provide cooling for the hard disk drives. Dust filters in the front and under the bottom of the case prevent dust from entering the interior.

Another main feature of the W2 is the possibility to install radiators for a water cooling system in the first chamber without a lot of effort. Behind the front panel, a 280 mm radiator can be accommodated, which can be cooled perfectly with the two preinstalled 140 mm fans. Depending on the motherboard used, it is also possible to install a 240 mm radiator with corresponding fans at the bottom of the case.

Please notice, that the maximum installation length of VGA-cards is reduced when installing a radiator in the front.

For simplified installation of external water cooling components, the W2 has two rubber hose outlets in the rear panel.

The stylish case rests on vibration-decoupled case feet. Two USB 3.0 “Super Speed” connectors are available externally. Thus, external hard disk or USB drives can be connected quickly and easily.

Depicted hardware is not included.


Available downloads:

Download Manual W2


Case type Compact XL-ATX Case
Form Factor Motherboard XL-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
Form Factor PSU ATX
5.25 inch drive bay external 1 x (rear)
3.5 inch drive bay internal max. 3 x
2.5 inch drive bay internal 3 x
Case fans (front) 2 x 140 mm, 1 x 80 mm (optional)
Case fans (rear) 1 x 120 mm
Case fans (bottom) 2 x 120 mm (optional)
Height x Width x Depth 385 x 278 x 395mm
Weight 6.2 kg
Material Aluminium, steel
Maximum length VGA-cards 320 (345) mm
Maximum length PSU 250 mm
Maximum height CPU-coolers 163 mm
Code 4250140369406
Manufacturer number JB W2 K