Anti-vibration fan gasket - 92 mm


One of the main noise sources in modern computers are the vibrations transmitted from the case fans to the case. An easy solution for this problem is the use of our anti-vibration fan gaskets.

The anti-vibration fan frames audibly reduces the transmission of vibrations from the fans to the PC case. The idea of the fan gasket is as simple as it is effective. The ultra-soft frame is mounted between the fan and the chassis of the case and prevents the transfer of vibrations.

Please note that this fan gasket will only be effective when the fans are screwed to the case. Four fan screws and four nylon washers for the decoupled installation of fans are included.

The anti-vibration fan gaskets are available in 80, 92, 120 and 140 mm. 



Code 4250140341037
Manufacturer number CT-92FG