Deluxe Insulation Kit - Midi Tower Set


Unique 3-component acoustic insulation set for the effective noise reduction of PC-cases.

Modern high-end systems are often producing a high noise level due to the use of high-spinning hard disks and a multitude of fans. The Cooltek insulation mats are perfectly suited to effectively reduce the noise level.

The unique combination of Butyl, special acoustic foam and a fabric overlay guarantees the best possible absoprtion of vibrations and airborne noise generated for example by fans or hard disk drives. The material can of course be used for other purposes as well.

The thinner mats (3 mm) are meant to be used on the right side panel (behind the motherboard) or under the top cover. Due to the low thickness of the material you will only loose little room for cable management behind the motherboard.

The stronger mats (13 mm) are meant to be used on the left side panel (opposite the motherboard) and can also be used under the top cover of your PC case, if you desire.

The mats are very flexible, which makes cutting them and installing them in the case very easy. The elastic 3-component material can easily be cut and removed without leaving residue, if desired.

The insulating mats are odorless and flame resistant.



Content Midi-TowerSet

2 mats with 13 x 180 x 380 mm

2 mats with 3 x 180 x 380 mm

1 mat with 3 x 170 x 380 mm

Thickness (Polyurethane Foam) 1.5 mm / 11.5 mm
Density (Polyurethane Foam) 30 kg/m³ (+/- 5%)
Temperature range (Polyurethane foam) minus 55 - plus 140° C
Thickness (Butyl) 1,5 mm (+/- 0,5 mm)
Temperature range (Butyl) minus 49 - plus 150° C
Density (Butyl) 3,5 kg/m²
Code 4250140323002
Manufacturer number CTNISMT