Deluxe Dämmung - Pro Set


Unique 3-component acoustic insulation set for effective noise reduction.

The unique combination of Butyl, special acoustic foam and a fabric overlay guarantees the best possible absoprtion of vibrations and airborne noise generated for example by fans or hard disk drives. The material can of course be used for other purposes as well.

The Deluxe Dämmsets are ideal for use in car hifi area. For example, the mats can be used for the effective stiffening of the outer and inner door panels as well as the door trims. Thereby a resonance of the hifi-components is prevented, which provides for a cleaner sound and a more stable level when playing music. Hence the often speakers, which are often of the highest quality, can be operated more effectively and at a minimal loss of sound quality, without having rattling doors compromising the sound patterns.

This set can be used for example in the following applications:

PC case insulation, bodywork- and vehicle construction, shipbuilding, engineering, partitions, air ducts, sound insulating of doors, noise encapsulation etc. Likewise, the mats can be used as footfall soundproofing under the floor covering.

This set consists of 5 mats with the dimensions 13 x 180 x 460 mm.The mats are very flexible, which makes cutting and installing them very easy. The elastic 3-component material can easily be cut and removed without leaving residue, if desired.

The insulating mats are odorless and flame resistant.



Content Pro Set

5 mats with 13 x 180 x 460 mm

Thickness (Polyurethane Foam) 11.5 mm
Density (Polyurethane Foam) 30 kg/m³ (+/- 5%)
Temperature range (Polyurethane foam) minus 55 - plus 140° C
Thickness (Butyl) 1,5 mm (+/- 0,5 mm)
Temperature range (Butyl) minus 49 - plus 150° C
Density (Butyl) 3,5 kg/m²
Code 4250140323057
Manufacturer number CTNISPR