CVSE 450 W



With our Value 80 Plus EU Series we offer especially stable and reliable ATX power supplies with an outstanding price-performance ratio. The power supplies are 80 Plus EU certified and offer an average efficiency of more than 82%. The CVSE PSUs are compliant with the Ecodesign guideline 2009/125/EG and the associated regulation No. 617/2013.

Particular emphasis was placed on low noise levels – that’s why the "CVSE 80 Plus EU" power supplies are all equipped with a low rpm 140 mm fan. The low speed, internal 140 mm fan helps to vent the power supply, so that the waste heat of the system is effectively dissipated to the outside.

To meet the power requirements of modern hardware, the CVSE 450 W power supplie offers two separate 12 volt rails. Compared to models with a single 12-volt line, this design has the advantage that the power is balanced for all components and an unfavorable load distribution cannot occur. Thanks to the advanced circuit design, the voltages remain stable even under highly fluctuating loads.

As opposed to many other models in this class, the power supplies offer all the important protective mechanisms against overload (OPP & OLP), over voltage (OVP), under voltage (UVP), and short circuit (SCP).

The cables of the 20 +4 pin ATX, 4 +4 pin ATX12V and PCI-E connectors are dimensioned sufficiently long at 53 cm length.

The first SATA and Molex connectors are located approx. 53 cm distance to the power supply, the next follow at intervals of about 15 cm. The maximum length to the last connection ranges up to 70 cm.

In addition, the cables are covered with a synthetic weaving (sleeve) in a stylish black combination. The connectors are made of black plastic, only the EPS connector is held in red.

The power supply is suitable for both Intel and AMD systems. It corresponds to the ATX 12V 2.31 standard and offers enough power reserves for current mid-range systems.



Total power 450 Watt
+ 3,3 Volt 10 A
+ 5 Volt 10 A
+ 12 Volt 1 18 A
+ 12 Volt 2 18  A
+ 5 Volt Vsb 2 A
- 12 Volt 0.5 A
Number of 4-pin molex connectors 3 x
Number of PCI-E connectors 1 x
Number of SATA-connectors 4 x
Number of 4-pin FDD connectors 1 x
Width 150 mm
Height 86 mm
Depth 158 mm
ATX motherboard connector 20 + 4 -Pol
Cable management no
Code 4250140312372
Manufacturer number CVSE450