NC-01 Window


With the NC-01, we add a solid and versatile mid-tower to our product range. It is perfect for both high-quality office computers and high-performance gaming systems. The window version has a side panel made of “tempered glass” on the left side of the case, which allows a special optical highlight for all hardware enthusiasts.

Both sides of the subtle MESH front are decorated with brushed aluminum elements and one 5.25 inch drive bay is available for external use. On the upper part of the front, you can find the I/O-Panel with 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 3.0 and a fan control with two channels, as well as the obligatory audio connections. In addition, you will find the Power and HDD LEDs, as well as the power and reset buttons here.

The case is characterized by a stable and high quality steel frame - folded and deburred edges prevent the danger of cuts during the installation of the hardware. The interior is completely black and offers a generous cable management. The cover for the power supply offers several openings for cable routing as well.

The open interior design allows the easy installation of powerful hardware. A PSU cover separates the power supply and the HDD cage from the motherboard area. The guarantees the case an outstanding stability and offers a thermal separation of the power supply area and the motherboard zone with the CPU and VGA card. Finally, it offers a very tidy interior design.

A hard disk cage for two 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch HDD / SSD is hidden under the power supply cover. 3.5 inch drives can be attached tool less, smaller drives are screwed. Three additional mounting points are available for installing SSDs. Two mounting points are attached to the mainboard tray below the optical drive and one on the back of the tray.

A 120 mm fan is preinstalled at the rear of the NC-01. The ventilation system offers a lot of expansion possibilities, to provide sufficient cooling for a particularly powerful system. Behind the inner front two 120 or 140 mm fans can be installed. Two additional mounting slots for 120 mm fans are located under the top cover. A magnetic filter on the outside ensures that no dust will enter the interior. Further dust filters can be found behind the front and on the bottom.

We also considered the needs of fans of water cooling systems. The NC-01 allow the easy installation of 240 mm or 280 mm radiators. In addition, there are mounting points at the rear of the case for a compact water cooling system with a 120 mm radiator.

For the installation of the graphics cards, up to 415 mm are available in the NC-01. The maximum height for CPU coolers is 163 mm. Thus, high-performance gaming systems can be installed easily.

The NC-01 is designed for all conventional ATX power supplies. Both ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards can be installed. Seven PCI slots for expansion cards are available at the back.

Depicted hardware and LED fans are not included.


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Case Type  Mid-Tower
Form Factor  ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
5.25 inch drive bay external  1 x
3.5 inch drive bay internal  2 x
2.5 inch drive bay internal  3 x
Case fan (front)  opt. 2 x 120 mm or 1 x 140 mm
Case fan (back)  1 x 120 mm
Case fan (top)  opt. 2 x 120 mm
Height  approx. 458 mm
Width  approx. 205 mm
Depth  approx. 453 mm
Weight  approx. 5,9 kg
Material  Steel, Aluminium, Plastic
Maximum VGA Card Length  415 mm
Maximum height of CPU coolers  163 mm
Maximum height of radiators  240 mm (front), 120 mm (back)
Maximum thickness of radiators  35 mm with fans (front)
Code  4250140353757
Manufacturer Number  CT NC-01 W